“At The LittleSchool Launchpad, our mission is to empower families to embark on a transformative educational journey by providing unparalleled coaching and support in launching and nurturing  their very own micro-schools.”

Our coaching program is currently taking on new clients; if you are ready to make a positive change in your child’s life by creating a legacy of learning, visit our course website, or send us an email requesting more information. 

The benefits of a micro-school are numerous, but here are our top 5 favorite benefits…

1. Personalized Learning
2. Small Class Sizes
3. Cultural or Religious Emphasis
4. Flexible Schedule
5. Greater Parental Involvement

Our program not only enables you to reap these benefits for your child but also facilitates a deeper understanding of your child and how they learn. It empowers you to regain control of your child’s education, placing it rightfully back in your hands. We’re excited to work with you!